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If you are a startup founder seeking relevant & strategic capital

If you are an angel investor looking for exclusive investment opportunities

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 Institutional Investors

Introducing D2C Insider Super Angels Fund

To help D2C brands and enablers raise capital from fellow founders & make the community self sufficient for raising early capital.
To help 100 startups to raise early stage capital via D2C Insider community of founders in the next 5 years.
Our Right to Win

Early & exclusive access to the best startups in D2C ecosystem via the network of

D2C Insider Community
  Investment Committee
Super Angels
Tier 1 VC Partnerships
Investment Thesis
50:50 split between Brands & Enablers/SaaS
Early stage startups who have achieved MVP and looking for growth capital
Co-investment with other funds to hedge the risk and blended ROI of early and mid-stage startups
Greenfield fund with no follow-on investment
Perks for startups
Expert guidance and mentorship
  • Gain exclusive access to mentorship directly from the operator angels and esteemed members of the Investment Committee. 
  • Seize the chance to be mentored by seasoned professionals from the D2C Insider community who bring core domain expertise to the table
Founder-centric Approach
  • Benefit from a quick turnaround time of just 30 days from the ‘Go’ signal to money in the bank.
  • Experience a founder-friendly, transparent and hassle-free process
  • Enjoy the freedom to grow without any advisory equity or board seat requirements.
Community Exposure & enhanced visibility
  • Access to VC ecosystem to facilitate and enhance further fundraising opportunities.
  • Gain exclusive access to Complimentary Community Premium Membership to amplify your networking and resource-sharing capabilities.
  • Increase your exposure through community events, newsletters, and a dedicated jobs board, ensuring broader reach and engagement.
Growth package with partner enabler credits

Access a Growth Package laden with Partner Enabler Credits, providing essential resources and support for your daily startup operations.

Perks for Super Angels
Early deal access

Investment opportunities through our community and the collaborative deal flows of our IC, super angels network & VC referrals within our network.

Rigorous Deal Qualification Process

Conducted by the operating team, investment committee and sectoral experts drawn from our extensive network

Portfolio Approach

 Hedge your risk and optimize your returns by spreading your investments across a diverse set of deals based on the majority votes of IC

Co-investment Opportunities

Elevate your investment experience by co-investing with top founders from our community

Seamless Deal Documentation and Advanced Portfolio Tracking

Easy deal documentation and portfolio tracking via the Invstt platform

Benefits Super Angels v/s Regular Angels
Transaction Fees 2% 3%
Membership Fees 25000
Carry 10% 20%
First Allocation
Right to Top up
IC Seat Eligibility
Closer startup involvement
Offerings For Super Angels – Live Pitches, Community Visibility, Exclusive Events
Default Participation in Elevate Accelerator Seed Deals

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